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Strikeforce Not Saying "NO" To Jose Canseco Just Yet

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After repeated claims that they were not planning on meeting Jose Canseco about fighting for Strikeforce, only to meet with him about God knows what.  Scott Coker isn't exactly closing the book on Jose Canseco potentially fighting for Strikeforce.  Check it out via MMAJunkie:

"I can tell you this: If Cesar Gracie says to me, 'Jose's training with me, I'm going to get him ready, and I'm going to do it in four or five months,' and Cesar's telling me this? That will have a lot of weight on what we decide,"

Then Cesar Gracie chimes in, after all he would be the one responsible for the Jose Canseco's training:

"Scott said if Jose wants to train, he'll put him in a Challenger series (event) if it's not the Herschel Walker fight," Gracie said. "There are a couple of other organizations that are interested in Jose that I'm meeting with next week."

So now that the UFC has snatched up boxer James Tony, Strikeforce could very well do a Jose Canseco fight.  Color me sick.