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Caged Combat Challenge MMA Event In Charlotte, NC On April 17th

The Caged Combat Challenge will be coming to Charlotte, NC on April 17th with a ten fight MMA card.  The event will take place at the Naomi Drenan Recreation Center.  The address is 750 Beal Street in Charlotte.  The doors open at 7pm and the fights begin at 8pm.  The entire fight card thus far can be found after the jump. 

-JJ Brantley(2-0) vs. TBD

-Bobby Sellars(3-1) vs. Ryan Overcash(1-2)

-Kevin Forant(3-1) vs. TBD

-Jason Hayden(0-0) vs. Matthew Coakley(4-1)

-Joo Mein Choi(0-0) vs. David Prowse(0-1)

-Aaron Shull(0-0) vs. Jonathan Walker(0-0)

-Angel Arzapolo(0-0) vs. Peter Hocog(0-0)

-Jason Landers(1-0) vs. Doug Miller(0-1)

-Andrew Davis(0-1) vs. Danny Rush(0-0)

-Dustin Phipps(1-0) vs. Dustin Whalen(1-0)

-Caleb Savage(1-2) vs. Stephen Hudson(1-0)

-James Bible(0-0) vs. TBD