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Should Strikeforce Drop The Challenger Series Events?

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I think so. I understand the events are used to provide fights for fighters that Strikeforce is trying to mold as well as showcasing certain fighters that could become very good fighters like Tyron Woodley. However, I just don't see where Strikeforce is reaping any benefits from putting on these events. I mean they had amateur fighters fighting on the under-card of the last ShoMMA event with fighters like Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro sitting on the sidelines. Check it:

1. These shows don't draw in a huge audience at all on Showtime. The viewers that do tune in are hard core fans, fans that are going to watch regardless.

2. These are rough figures, but the figures I foundon each show attendance wise was usually around 2,300 or so. One ShoMMAevent did get over 4,000 fans once, but the live gates for the shows bring in around $85K or so on average.

I know Strikeforce is hellbent on doing twenty shows this year, but when over half of them consist of shows like this does that really count? How are they benefiting from these shows? My thinking is that Strikeforce should do 12 shows a year with 4 of those shows airing on CBS. That would mean one CBS event per quarter, and roughly one Strikeforce event per month. Just stop trying to do too much too fast and concentrate on quality instead of quantity. Check it:

-This would provide some much needed structure with a roster that's still not quite as deep as it needs to be to accomplish what they want to accomplish(20 shows).

-This would also allow them to finalize fights well before the fact, and allow them to schedule replacements when injuries occur.

-This would allow them to properly promote events that will air on Showtime and help build some brand awareness amongst the promotion and its fighters. Just to illustrate, fans will become accustomed to a Strikeforce card on the 2nd weekend of every month(if they chose the second week).

-This would allow them to cut unnecessary costs and time spent with putting on events that no one is really interested in and allow the events they do put on to feature the very best fighters they have available.

I really want this promotion to succeed, and I just don't see the need for these challenger events. I mean what casual fan knows there is a Strikeforce event on March 26th that'll be headlined by Lavar Johnson vs. Lolohea Mahe? So I'm ask you the fan.