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Gray Maynard Wants The Winner Of Florian/Gomi

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UFC lightweight Gray Maynard asks for the winner of the Kenny Florian vs. Takanori Gomi fight that will take place here in Charlotte, NC later this month at UFN 21.  He could get his wish if Kenny Florian wins.  However, if Takanori Gomi beats Kenny Florian, I'd be willing to bet that the UFC would put Gomi in against BJ Penn for a title shot for a few reasons:

1.  He would have beat a top 5(arguably) lightweight

2.  BJ Penn and Gomi have history that the re-match could be hyped around

3.  It would be a fresh face in the title picture

Maynard really did himself a disservice getting caught up in the trash talking of Nate Diaz when they fought a while back.  Maynard was poised to become the next challenger to BJ Penn with a dominant performance against Diaz, but his poor performance allowed Frankie Edgar to slide into that spot even though Maynard has a victory over him.  I would like to see Maynard against either fight, it would definitely force him to bring his game up a couple of notches.