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Frank Mir Thinks Carwin Is More Dangerous Than Brock Lesnar

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From MMAJunkie:

He's somebody that's strong, and he's a good wrestler. But I think that Carwin, in a lot of ways, is actually more dangerous for me."

"Brock and Carwin are both better wrestlers than I am," Mir said. "Most likely, they'll both be able to take me down. Most likely, they'll both be able to win the fight if I get stuck against the cage on my back with my head jammed up. But with that being said, with Lesnar, on my feet, I have no real anxiety about standing there and boxing. He's knocked people over because he clubs people with his hands, but he's not really a knockout artist. Carwin has actually knocked people out.

"In a fight with Lesnar, the goal is to keep it on the feet, and I'll win the fight. With Carwin, if I say just keep it on my feet and I fall asleep on him while looking for the shot, I can easily go to sleep if I get caught. He's shown the ability to knock people out. To me, he's a dual threat."

I think he has a legitimate point in regards to the power Carwin possesses.  However, Carwin doesn't really shoot for takedowns with his wrestling background.  I don't recall him ever shooting for a takedown since he's been in the UFC.  Also, a year will have past since Carwin fought last when he takes on Mir later this month at UFC 111.  Unless Carwin has tightened up some big holes in his standup game, I think he's going to take a massive "L" at UFC 111.  What say you?