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Personal Update: I'll Be On The Road Today

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What up my fellow MMA4Real Heads?  I just wanted to touch base with you guys on something and provide an update of sorts.  I'll be on the road traveling to see my fam today, and it's a trip that I had planned on taking for a couple of weeks now.  It's 2 hours one way as some of you already I'll be away from the computer pretty much all day.  However, this trip has turned into a necessity of sorts as I received some pretty bad news this week.  My aunt(my mother's youngest sister) was diagnosed with breast cancer, and it's in the 3rd stage.  So of course my mom and grandmother are all taking it pretty hard.  My aunt is scheduled to have the mass(basically one of her breast) taken off next week and chemo/radiation will begin immediately from what I've been told.  She's only in her late forties and has 3 children, one of them like 6 years old.  So with that said, if you believe in GOD or whatever your higher power is...I ask that you remember her and my family in your prayers.

On a lighter note..

I announced a while back that the wife and I are expecting twins to arrive late July/early August.  We found out this week that we'll be having a boy and a girl!  We went for tests this week and they both are healthy and everything looks great thus far.  Our 21 month old Madilyn is already preparing herself to be the big sister :).

So, I'll get back late this evening or so.  I just wanted to give you all the heads up on why I won't be posting much if at all on today.  I'll probably schedule some things to go up.  However, this would be a good opportunity for the aspiring MMA4Real contributors to really show off their skills as I hope to make a move on bringing on some talent later this week. 

Thanks guys and gals, and as always I appreciate you stopping by the site each and every time that you do.  Without you, this site wouldn't be what it is...and that's the best North Carolina MMA site on the net.