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Chinzo Machida Thinks Lyoto Will Knockout Shogun Rua

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From Tatame:

We can’t predict the fight itself, but Lyoto is more prepared than the other time, more focused on the fight, stronger. We changed the concentration on training, we don’t let a lot of people around him in training anymore, thing that had no reason to happen. We separated his training, making him more focused.


How do you think it’s gonna be this fight?


I believe in a knockout by Lyoto, that’s why we’re looking at.

Personally, I think this fight will be a lot different than last time.  Right now I have the feeling that Machida will make the necessary adjustments to eek out a decision.  I doubt Machida will be able to knock Rua out, as Rua has never been knocked out before.  However, I think it's worth mentioning that Shogun should be able to make some adjustments as well.  Do you think this encore will be able to live up to the first one?