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Scrap Live Presents: "Fight Night" On April 10th In Winston Salem

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Scrap Live will be presenting their "Fight Night" MMA event on April 10th in Winston Salem, NC.  The event will take place at the BentonConvention Center with the doors opening at 6pm, and fights starting at 7pm ET.  Tickets are $25 in advance and $30 at the door.  The entire fight card thus far can be found below:

-Sylvain Bynum(1-0) vs. Daniel Terry(2-5)

-Neil Johnson(1-0) vs. Jeffrey Tharington(0-1)

-Michael Turner(4-2) vs. William Metts(6-1)

-David Derby(0-1) vs. Richard Riggins II(0-4)

-Kevin Schroder(0-0) vs. Jacob Johnson(2-3)

-Gary Wingfield(1-0) vs. Josh Nichols(0-1)

-Me'Shack Adams(2-0) vs. James Davis(4-1)