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This Week In MMA Link Dump

It's been a pretty wild week, and we put a ton of MMA information up this week.  We have you covered all the way from the aftermath of WEC 47, to poor PPV buys for UFC 110.  I interviewed UFC welterweight Jake Ellenberger as he prepares for war at UFC 111 against Ben Saunders.  I also provided information about the UFN 21: Florian vs. Gomi event.  We provide information on local fighters Tomar Washington, Steve Banks, and Nissen Osterneck.  We also catch up with local UFC fighter Rodney Wallace, plus a lot more.  Check it all out below:

WEC 47: Bowles vs. Cruz Recap And Commentary - MMA For Real
We provide full analysis of the WEC 47 card. Miguel Torres is upset against Joseph Benavidez. Dominick Cruz is the new WEC bantamweight champion.

Local Fighter Update: Tomar Washington, Nissen Osterneck and Steven Banks Win in Brazil! - MMA For Real
Tomar Washington Wins in Brazil! The North Carolina based fighter goes to 4-0 in his career.

Saying Goodbye To Jens Pulver - MMA For Real
We talk about the 'retirement' of MMA legend Jens Pulver after his WEC 47 loss to Javier Vazquez. We talk about why he'll be missed and what made him special.

WEC 47 Medical Suspensions: Torres And Bowles Out Indefinitely - MMA For Real
We the medical suspensions from the WEC 47 event. Miguel Torres and Brian Bowles are out of action indefinitely.

How Will WEC Bantamweights View Miguel Torres Now? - MMA For Real
We discuss Miguel Torres's loss to Joseph Benavidez at WEC 47. We talk about the career parallel's of Mirko Cro Cop And Miguel Torres.

The UFC Going For Strikeforce's Jugular In Nashville, Tennessee - MMA For Real
We discuss the possibility of the UFC and Strikeforce doing an event on the same night in Nashville, Tennessee.

Ultimate Fight Night 21: Florian Vs. Gomi Event Finalized With 11 Bouts - MMA For Real
The UFC finalized that UFN 21 card that will take place in Charlotte, NC at the Bojangles Coliseum. The event will feature 11 bouts with Kenny Florian vs. Takanori Gomi as the main event.

UFC On Versus Show Ratings Will Indicate Brand Recognition - MMA For Real
We take a look at the UFC on Versus event and talk about how it will fair ratings wise. The ratings will indicate just how good the brand recognition of the UFC is.

MMA For Real Exclusive: Jake Ellenberger Says He's Not Going To Give Ben Saunders Any Respect At UFC 111 - MMA For Real interviewed UFC welterweight Jake Ellenberger about his upcoming fight against Ben Saunders at UFC 111. Ellenberger says he's not going to give Ben Saunders any respect when they fight.

UFN 21: Only 4,000 Tickets Left, And TUF 12 Tryouts In Charlotte, NC On April 1st - MMA For Real
We provide ticket information about the UFN 21 event taking place in Charlotte, NC on March 31st. This could be the largest Ultimate Fight Night event ever. Also we provide tryouts info on Season 12 of the ultimate fighter taking place in Charlotte, NC on April 1st.

Catching Up With: UFC Fighter Rodney Wallace As He Prepares For UFC 111 - MMA For Real
Catching Up With: UFC Fighter Rodney Wallace! We talk to him about his upcoming fight against Jared Hamman at UFC 111.

Report: UFC 110 Trending Towards Poor PPV Buys - MMA For Real
We discuss factors that affected the low PPV buyrate for UFC 110 in Australia. Cain Velasquez is still fairly new, and no title fight was on the line at the event.

From A Fighter's Perspective: Eddie Bravo (The Truth) - MMA For Real
From A Fighter's Perspective: Eddie Bravo (The Truth). Jake Whitfield gives us a history lesson the origin of the rubber guard and why Eddie Bravo has done to make himself very popular without doing much in regards to grappling acheivements.