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Dan Hardy: Legitimate Claims Or Fight Hype?

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UFC welterweight Dan Hardy appeared on a recent edition of MMAWeekly radio and spoke about his upcoming title shot against Georges St. Pierre and had this to say:

"He's a great athlete and he goes in there to win, but the difference between me and him is, he's a great athlete, but I'm a fighter," said Hardy. "My intention is to go in there and have a good fight, and see what happens, and part of that is taking risks. I think that's the part that GSP's lost; he's not willing to take that risk anymore. He don't want to put himself out there in case he loses his belt again.

"He doesn't do it impressively, he doesn't dominate anybody, and give anyone a serious beating, but he gets the job done."

That seems to be the running theme now with GSP's opponents, basically claiming he is scared to stand and trade with them.  My thought process is that why should he stand and trade when he can maul you on the ground the same way he did Thiago Alves?  Also, to say that GSP doesn't win his fights impressively has to be fight hype on his part.  I mean, if the post fight pictures of consensus #2 WW's(at the time they fought GSP) Jon Fitch and Thiago Alves don't tell you that GSP will put a beating on you.  I don't know what will.  What do you have to say about the way GSP has been winning his fights lately?

HT: MMAWeekly