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Chuck Liddell Explains Reebok Naked Viral Marketing Campaign On Jimmy Kimmel

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Obviously the video consists of Liddell talking about the viral campaign for Reebok, but I also wanted to re-visit the excellent fanpost we discussed earlier this week.  I know the videos were used to illustrate the differences in Liddell's speech, and you can tell there's a difference.  However, I also wanted to mention one thing that we failed to mention in the fanpost that could have possibly contributed to Liddell's slurring speech.  His lifestyle.  It's no secret that Liddell likes or liked to go out and have a good time.  All those years of partying hard while he was on top are bound to affect him somewhat.  I mean I'm pretty sure he destroyed quite a few brain cells in this manner, just as all those devastating knockouts aided the process.  So I don't want to place ALL of the blame on his participation in MMA itself.