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WEC Doesn't Want Jens Pulver To Fight Again, But Potentially Has A Job With The Promotion

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From MMAWeekly:

I don’t think I really want to see him fight again, so I think I would prefer to look at other options."


"Certainly we love Jens, and Jens had asked some time ago about possibly coming in and working with us and doing some different things. And we’re open to all of that, but I haven’t actually had the discussion with Jens, and I’m hoping to do that probably in the next week or so,"

I think that's the best case scenario here.  Pulver has lost seven of his last eight fights and is 35 years old, but is well liked by pretty much everyone.  It would be great for the WEC to put him in the booth, or allow him to have a role as an ambassador for the sport within the company.  You are seeing it in all of the other major sports, retired players are popping up everywhere as analysts and reporters.  So I don't see why MMA should be any different.