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Poll: Is It OK For MMA Fans To Boo?

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LOL! That title makes me laugh, but I was just reading a quote from UFC lightweight Clay Guida as he appeared on the MMAJunkie Radio Show. He says the following in regards to fans booing the fighters:

"Something I don't like, they were booing Kenny (Florian) before the fight. There's no room for that in the sport."

"We're out there busting our balls every day, and we get out there and leave it on the line," Guida said. "There's no reason to boo anybody, whether it's a boring fight or whatever."

I can see both sides of the of equation. All sports fans whether it be football, baseball, basketball, etc boo at some point in time. Sometimes they boo the players, sometimes it's the coaches, and sometimes they boo for the hell of it. At the end of the day, the fan has paid(most of the time) to see a performance. Should MMA fighters be held to a different standard?

HT: MMAJunkie