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WEC 47 Draws 373,000 Viewers

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According to MMAJunkie:

This past weekend's WEC 47 event on Versus scored a 0.46 household rating and 373,000 viewers, ( today confirmed.

The ratings were down sharply – 42 percent in all – compared to World Extreme Cagefighting's prior show, WEC 46 (640,000 viewers)

You could blame some of the disappointing numbers on the DirecTV/Comcast debacle, but WEC 45 did 330,000 viewers in December.  Now, 18 million homes is 18 million homes(number of DirecTV customers without Versus), but the WEC has only surpassed one million viewers once.  I think more blame should be placed on Zuffa for not promoting the WEC events like they should, albeit does appear they are ramping up the PR machine for the first ever WEC PPV.  Again, it all goes back to brand recognition and developing new stars.  Watch what I tell you when the UFC on Versus event blows all the WEC ratings out of the water.

SBN coverage of WEC 47: Bowles vs. Cruz