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UFC On Versus Show Ratings Will Indicate Brand Recognition

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The UFC on Versus event will be the first time the UFC will air on another cable channel other than Spike TV since that relationship began in 2005.  The UFC has all sorts of programming airing on Spike TV.  UFC unleashed shows, UFC Countdown shows, Ultimate Fight Nights, and occasionally foreign PPV events.  All of these shows have a solid fan base with the live shows averaging around 2 million viewers, but have peaked at close to 5 million viewers with certain events.  I know you probably get tired of me harping about brand name recognition and why Strikeforce should concentrate on building theirs up.  However, when the UFC on Versus show takes place, we'll get a very good indication of just how good their brand recognition is.

SBN coverage of UFC on Versus: Vera vs. Jones

Versus is the home of the UFC's sister promotion in the WEC, the home for the best lightweight fighters on the planet.  However, the WEC shows routinely does shows with around 400,000-500,000 viewers.  The WEC promotion peaked at WEC 34, averaging 1.5 million viewers with a main event between then champion Urijah Faber and Jens Pulver.  However, the promotion hasn't come close to those numbers since then.  In fact, unless Faber is on the card while it takes place in Sacramento, the ratings are usually way down. 

Enter the UFC.

When the UFC debuts on the Versus network, the ratings for that show will provide a very good snapshot of the promotions fanbase.  That fight card is very good on paper, and many fans are looking forward to it so it'll be interesting to see just how many viewers will leave the comfort of Spike TV to watch the UFC on Versus.  However, I expect that event to blow anything WEC has put forward out of the water and the #1 reason that will happen can be attritbuted to brand recognition.