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MMA For Real Exclusive: Jake Ellenberger Says He's Not Going To Give Ben Saunders Any Respect At UFC 111

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Sometimes opportunities present themselves to fighters and fighters step up to the plate to take advantage of that opportunity.  That's exactly what happened when Jake (22-5) got the call to fight MMA veteran Carlos Condit on short notice in his UFC debut.  Although Ellenberger lost a razor close decision, he put himself on the map in that fight.  After winning his UFC 108 fight against Mike Pyle, Ellenberger looks to climb the steep ladder of the UFC welterweight division. spoke with Ellenberger last night and he shared quite a few things with us.  He spoke about how he got into MMA, why Hardy is going to get crushed by Georges St. Pierre, why fighting is a business where training partners should fight one another, and why he will not give Ben Saunders any respect when they square off at UFC 111.  Check out the full audio below:

Jake Ellenberger by MMA4Real

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