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Jamie Varner Says WEC Champ Ben Henderson Gets "Lucky" In Fights

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Former WEC lightweight champion Jamie Varner has a fight coming up at WEC 48 where he'll take on Kamal Shalorus.  However, it appears that the former champion still hasn't gotten over his loss to Ben Henderson back at WEC 46.  He speaks on the upcoming WEC lightweight title fight re-match between Ben Henderson and Donald Cerrone, plus his fight with Shalorus with MMAWeekly:

They had a good fight between him and Ben last year, so they need to come up with the best possible fights to sell tickets,"..."Even though me and Cowboy would be a great fight, and it would sell a lot of tickets, him and Ben had fight of the year."..."I think Cowboy will beat him. Ben's a tough fighter, but honestly he gets lucky in fights," Varner commented. "He fights scared. He's not as well rounded as Cowboy is, and as I am. I think Ben is a very tough fighter. If you make any mistakes with him he'll make you pay."

"I thought I was putting all the pressure on the fight. Ben was running away a lot. I felt Ben fought scared, he fought not to lose, and I don't think he was really fighting to win," said Varner. "I just gave him an opportunity. I served him my neck up on a silver platter."...I really feel like I'm the best lightweight in the WEC, and I definitely feel like I'm one of the top fight lightweights under Zuffa,"

The latter is what he wants to prove at WEC 48.  Shalorus is undefeated(7-0) and is a former Olympic wrestler, not to mention that he hits like a mack truck.  While powerful though, his striking needs to serious refinement on the technical side of things.  It'll be an interesting matchup for sure, and a very important fight for Varner if he wants to stay in the upper tier of lightweights in the WEC.  Yall think Shalorus has a chance against him at WEC 48?