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Quick Quote: Stratus CEO Says ProElite Has Brand Equity

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From MMAJunkie:

"Our business is not to contend with the UFC, but to create a great business model and series of MMA events that complement the UFC – but definitely compliment our company in the live events sector,"...."I know when I'm in Dubai or Abu Dhabi or Shanghai, I can put out the name ProElite, and one out of every three people will know who Pro Elite is,"...And that has brand equity."...."I understand that the UFC is the 5,000-pound gorilla in the house, and to try and go head-to-head with them would be a strategic mistake," Feller said. "ProElite was the first major potential contender to the UFC. It was new virgin territory.

"I think there are different ways to go about it, and we all learn from our experiences. Are we approaching it differently? Yes. Would we see the opportunity to enhance everybody's business in the future? Absolutely."

#1.  ProElite was the first major contender to the UFC?

#2.  Just because 33% of the people in Dubai or Shanghai knows who ProElite is...that's a good thing?

#3.  At least he's smart enough to not to say they are going to compete directly with the UFC

I hope they succeed, but they definitely have a lot of hurdles to overcome.  Not to mention it seems like they are going to concentrate on doing things in foreign markets.  However, they could be the way to go since the UFC and Strikeforce have America on lock.