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Carolina Fight Promotions: "War On The Shore" Fight Card And Ticket Information

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Carolina Fight Promotions will be heading back to Wilmington, North Carolina, on February 27th for its "War On The Shore" event.  This MMA event will be held at the Schwartz Center in Downtown Wilmington, NC, and will feature 9 amateur fights as well as 3 professional bouts.  The event will begin at 7:30 EST and you can get your ticket information here.  Also, MMA4Real's own Rich Wyatt will be in attendance covering the event, so make sure you stop by and say hello if you are present at the fights.  The tentative fight card can be found after the jump and stay tuned to for more updates.

-Solomon Harvey(0-0) vs. Steven Thigpen(0-0)

-Thomas Jones(0-0) vs. Victor Gomez(0-0)

-Shawn Tavarez(2-0) vs. Derek Brunson(1-0)

-Bouathong Keolatvahn(0-0) vs. TBD

-Clint DeVoe(0-0) vs. Kyle Whittington(0-0)

-Donald Dare Jr.(0-0) vs. Michael Marshall(0-0)

-Bradley Acosta(0-0) vs. Steve Chinners(1-1)

-James Roesnick(3-7) vs. Christopher Cain(5-2)

-Jeff Hunt(1-0) vs. Daniel Skipper(2-0)

-Allen Greenway(6-4) vs. William Estes(4-1)

-Clifton Bishop(3-0) vs. Josh Lenig(0-2)

-Robert Owens(7-2) vs. TBD