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Joe Stevenson Aiming For A Title Shot By The End Of 2010, Readies For Sotiropoulos

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Joe "Daddy" Stevenson is coming off one of his best performances in defeating Spencer Fisher at UFC 104.  He gave full credit to making the move to train with Greg Jackson in New Mexico, and now has his sites on TUF alum George Sotiropoulos at UFC 110 in Sydney, Australia.  A place that Sotiropoulos calls home.  Stevenson spoke about fighting on the road, and then spoke about why he declined the opportunity to train with BJ Penn:

Fighting an Australian in Sydney, obviously I don't expect to get the biggest cheers of the night," Stevenson said. "But, hey, the fans have to do what that can do to help their guy George. That's what home fans are supposed to do and I respect that. Is it tough getting booed? I've been booed before, and I've won over crowds that started off booing me before too. I am looking forward to doing what Rocky did when he went to Russia in Rocky 4 to fight Drago. The Russians all hated him when he walked in but he and Drago gave them so great a fight at the end they were chanting 'Rocky, Rocky, Rocky'. I am looking forward to hearing some "Joe Daddy, Joe Daddy, Joe Daddy" chants towards the end of the fight with George because I am expecting him to give me the fight of his life. 

I want to keep on winning, and winning big, so the fans are like 'Give Joe Daddy his second title shot already,'" Stevenson said. "I was asked by BJ if I wanted to train with him for this fight but, as great as would be, I had to say no because I think I am going to be fighting him again at the end of the year

Sotiropoulos is coming off a nice looking win himself at UFC 106, and he's improved his game a great deal since his days on TUF.  The Stevenson/Sotiropoulos fight should be a good scrap.  Of course Stevenson lost his first title shot against BJ Penn way back at UFC 80 in what was pretty much a one sided affair.  I'm not sure Stevenson will be in title contention by the end of the year, nor am I sure the UFC is interested in giving him a re-match against BJ Penn.  I would think that Stevenson would need to fight and beat someone like Tyson Griffin, Gray Maynard, or Frankie Edgar before getting another title shot against Penn.  However, Stevenson did look much improved in his last bout since training with the Jackson camp.  Would you be interested in BJ Penn vs. Joe Stevenson 2 by the end of the year, and how do you see the fight with Sotiropoulos going?

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