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I Was Impressed With Ronnys Torres At UFC 109 Against Guillard

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Those of you that saw UFC 109 got to see the UFC debut of a highly touted prospect lightweight by the name of Ronnys Torres.  Torres went up against Melvin Guillard and lost a very close decision, in fact some viewers think Torres won the fight.  However, I couldn't help but come away impressed with the guy.  The main reason he lost that fight was his cardio, which was probably affected by cutting over 30 pounds to make weight.  Also, not to mention he had not fought since Sept. 2008, which was a pretty long layoff for someone making their UFC debut.  It appeared that Torres was beginning to gas about halfway through the second round or a little earlier.  I think he would have probably submitted Guillard had his cardio been better. 

Not only that, he exhibited some good attributes in the octagon.  He ate several big knees from Guillard like they were cotton candy, and fought at a very high pace, almost relentless at times for the take down.  He was able to get Guillard down several times as well which is no small task as Guillard has pretty good take down defense with his wrestling background.  He is known to be well versed in submissions.  He's only gone to a decision 3 times in 16 career fights with 12 finishes to his credit.  Even with the loss, I think Torres is a good addition to the division and he may be able to make some noise provided he gets that cardio issue worked out.  What say you?  

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