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Where's The Ceiling For Melvin Guillard After Hooking Up With Greg Jackson's Camp?

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For those of you that watched UFC 109 this past weekend, you got to see a Melvin Guillard that somehow avoided getting submitted by a guy that's pretty dang on good at jiu-jitsu in Ronnys Torres. Guillard stuffed a lot of take downs and avoided submissions while being mounted, as well as executing a couple of reversals out of some tough spots. You heard him talk about starting over since he's been training with Greg Jackson in his post-fight interview. There's no denying the kid has talent, it's ridiculous that he has over 30 fights and is only 26 years old. He spoke about his time training at Greg Jackson's:

SBN coverage of UFC 109: Relentless

"I think with Coach Greg, it's the way he comes off in the mental part of the game," Guillard said. "He's a sentimental-type guy. He has that approach like, 'We're going to do this. This is the gameplan.' Just the way that he talks to you and the way he gives you that respect – not only as a fighter, but as a person and a man – it's phenomenal.

Even Dana White was impressed with Guillard's performance at UFC 109:

"If this kid would buckle down, take this thing seriously – he's an incredible athlete. So hopefully now down there with Greg Jackson and his crew, that's the guy Melvin Guillard is going to become.

"Let me tell you, he fought a tough kid tonight. That was a war. If this other fight (Chael Sonnen vs. Nate Marquardt) wasn't that great, that could have been up for the 'Fight of the Night' (award) too."

I agree it was a pretty good scrap that really could have gone either way. In fact, if Guillard would not have reversed and mounted Torres during the last few seconds of that fight he very well could have lost the decision himself. Guillard is 4-1 since getting submitted by Rich Clementi back at UFC 79. With the right match ups and now training with Greg Jackson's camp, just how far can Guillard go if he's able to finally put it all together as a lightweight in the UFC?

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