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Josh Koscheck Thinks Tito Ortiz Is A Douche For Calling Out Mark Coleman At UFC 109

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Josh Koscheck wrote on his twitter account:

"Why is TitoOrtiz such a bitch? Talking shit to coleman right after his lose.After @ChuckLiddell fucks him up. I want my shot 2 fuck him up"

Josh Koscheck joins the long line of people that really dislikes Tito Ortiz.  For those that don't know, Ortiz and Mark Coleman were supposed to fight at UFC 106.  However, that fight was called off and words were exchanged between Mark Coleman's people and Tito Ortiz.  Some things were said that Tito Ortiz took personally, so he decided to respond while Coleman was doing his post fight interview after losing to Randy Couture in the second round.

I actually think this has been brewing for quite a while.  Check out how Josh Koscheck gives the sarcasm face(at the 2:35 mark) as Tito Ortiz talks at the UFC 106 press conference after losing to Forrest Griffin.

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