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UFC 109: "Relentless" Fight Recap And Commentary

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Well, first of all there was a lot that happened on this card that a lot of us didn't anticipate. 

1.  Chael Sonnen mauling Nate Marquardt like that

2. Demian Maia basically striking the entire fight

3.  Melvin Guillard not getting subbed

-Wow.  Mark Coleman you have heart and a good chin, but it could be curtains even though you tried to get yourself one more fight by having a shouting match with Tito Ortiz.  Couture won the fight and did exactly what he said he was going to do.  However, he still gets mauled by the top 5 guys in the division.

SBN coverage of UFC 109: Relentless

-I'm still in awe of Chael Sonnen dismantling Nate Marquardt for 2 rounds and three quarters.  That was impressive.  The crazy thing is neither Anderson Silva or Vitor Belfort has good take down defense.  Sonnen has a good chin.  Is it possible that he could dethrone the winner of that fight to become the new UFC Middleweight Champion?  Nate Marquardt, where do you go from here?

-Demian Maia looked better with his striking.  He still has a ways to go, but he's improving.  Good win to get back on track over a legitimate opponent.

-Paulo Thiago has proven himself.  I'll admit I thought his win over Josh Koscheck was fluke and it still could possibly be.  However, Thiago has proven himself to me to be a real fighter.  Dude has no fear and he's 2-1 against the guys from AKA. I guess if Dana White can't make them fight one another, he'll send Thiago in to break up the monotony!  Swick's lost two in a row, and after watching him against Thiago.  His striking is pretty overrated.  It's not like Thiago's striking is great, but the guy just wins.  I don't know who I'd like to see him fight next.

-Goodbye Frank Trigg.  Your claim to fame will be getting RNC'd by Matt Hughes twice.  Does Matt Serra have dynamite in those fists of his or what?  I think it was MMA4Real reader Felix that said he wanted to see Serra/Hazelett next.  I wanna see Serra vs. Jake Ellenberger.

-Melvin Guillard looked pretty good in there tonight.  I can't believe he didn't get subbed.  Maybe him hooking up with Greg Jackson will finally pay off for him?  However, he can forget about becoming champion as long as BJ Penn has the belt.

-I'm VERY impressed with Phil Davis.  That guy absolutely MAULED Brian Stann.  This was only his 5th professional fight, and he had his way.  I thought he exhibited an excellent base once he got the take downs and showed good transitions.  Most importantly, I think he saw my post about knees to the body of a grounded opponent.  He was using them in the 2nd round!  Also, the armbar at the end of the fight was dope.  This guy has tons of potential.  However, it's evident that he needs some serious work on his striking.

-Congrats to Mac Danzig for granting himself another fight in the UFC.

-I watched the majority of the fights with the sound off.  What the hell was Joe Rogan talking about at the end of the Sonnen/Marquardt fight?  He was screaming like it was actually close since Marquardt had top position at the end of the fight.  There was NO way a judge would have granted Marquardt that decision.  If so, they should just Kurt Cobain themselves or something.

-Also, them hyping up Mark Coleman like he was top 10 or something was pretty pathetic.  You have the folks money at this point Joe, no need to lie to them anymore!

-WTF Rolles Gracie?

What are your thoughts on the fights?