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UFC 109 Results: Randy Couture Chokes Out Mark Coleman In Round 2

The fight begins and Couture is the much quicker of the two old timers.  Couture with quick jabs and Coleman is lumbering around in stalk most.  Couture with a nice 1-2 and Coleman tries to answer.  They clinch and Couture punishes Coleman with dirty boxing uppercuts for the majority of the rest of the round.  Coleman landed a few good shots, but Couture clearly inflicted more damage.

SBN coverage of UFC 109: Relentless

The second round starts and it's more of the same.  Couture is punishing Coleman agaisnt the cage.  Couture with a body lock and he drags Coleman down to the ground and lands in the mount position.  Couture with GnP and Coleman gives up his back.  Couture sinks his hooks in and gets the rear naked choke.  Couture wins via RNC.