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UFC 109 Results: Chael Sonnen Destroys Nate Marquardt For Two Rounds And Survives 3rd Round For Win

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Both fighters come out with a fast pace.  Sonnen looks to pressure Marquardt into the cage.  Sonnen with a take down and Marquardt goes for a choke but doesn't get it.  Sonnen puts Marquardt against the cage.  Sonnen is landing some serious ground and pound.  Sonnen working body to the head with Marquardt pinned against the cage.  Marquardt back up to his feet and lands a flying knee, but Sonnen gets another take down.  Sonnen is working short elbows in Marquardts full guard.  Sonnen is punishing Marquardt with GnP.  Sonnen with constant pressure and the bell sounds.  Dominant round for Sonnen.

SBN coverage of UFC 109: Relentless

The second round starts and Sonnen with a take down right off the bat.  Sonnen with some mild GnP and Marquardt is working for a kimura.  Sonnen defends.  Sonnen in half-guard.  Sonnen is relentless with GnP and puts Marquardt against the cage.  Marquardt opens up Sonnen with short elbow from the bottom...Sonnen is pouring blood.  It's just more of the same as Sonnen with more GnP. 

The third round starts and Marquardt looks gassed.  He tries to take Sonnen down and fails.  Sonnen takes him down.  Sonnen with multiple body shots.  Marquardt gets back to his feet.  Marquardt with a guillotine and it's DEEP.  Sonnen is straining to hold on.  He grabs Marquardt's hands and works his way out.  Sonnen with top control and Marquardt reverses and gets top position.  Marquardt with big shots as the bell sounds.