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UFC 109 Results: Paulo Thiago Puts Mike Swick To Sleep In Round 2 Via D'Arce Choke

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The fight starts and they feel one another out, both have their guards up high.  Thiago with a head kick.  Swick is trying to put his punches together in bunches as Thiago comes in.  Thiago with a good low kick and Swick snaps his head back with a punch.  Thiago explodes with his hands but misses but then lands a good leg kick.  Swick with a kick and Thiago checks it.  Thiago with a good 1-2.  Thiago is stalking and Swick shoots in for a take down and gets it to try and steal the round.  Thiago with full guard.   

SBN coverage of UFC 109: Relentless

The second round starts and both guys are feinting a lot.  Nice body kick by Thiago.  Nice right hand by Swick  Thiago counters and ROCKS Mike Swick.  Swick goes down and Thiago pounces.  Thiago with a D'Arce Choke and Swick goes to sleep!