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UFC 109 Results: Demian Maia Defeats Dan Miller Via Unanimous Decision

The round begins and it appears that Demian Maia looks much more comfortable on his feet striking.  He was able to get the fight to the ground but Miller showed very good scrambling abilities.  Miller took a low blow and ate some shots before the ref intervened.  Miller recovered and landed some leg kicks of his own.  Maia was able to get the fight to the ground again, but Miller was able to scramble back to his feet.  Fairly close round.

SBN coverage of UFC 109: Relentless

The second round begins and again Maia's striking looks much better than previous bouts.  He's using punches and kicks very well as Miller is showing good head movement.  Maia controlling the action for the duration of the round and the crowd is growing restless.  Maia moving well, and Miller is moving in and out.  Maia landing left hands over and over.  Miller starts to press the action, but Maia is countering well as he backs up.  The crowd boos as the bell sounds.

The third round begins and Maia is the aggressor.  Maia is clinching.  Miller lands a nice punch and Maia tries to pull guard.  Miller stands over him and Maia grabs the single leg and takes him down.  Maia pins Miller up against the cage.  Miller back up to his feet.  Maia eats a punch as he takes Miller down again.   Miller with full guard and Maia gets to half guard.  Miller with a triangle attempt but to no avail.  The round ends.