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UFC 109 Prelim: Melvin Guillard Defeats Ronnys Torres Via Unanimous Decision

The fight begins and Guillard goes for a flying knee.  Torres with a quick double leg take down and Guillard is on his back against the cage.  Torres passes to halfguard now.  Guillard tries a hip escape but Torres defends.  Guillard explodes again and gets back to his feet.  Guillard with a stiff left jab.  Torres with a 1-2 combo and then shoots for another takedown and is successful.  Guillard explodes and reverses Torres to end up in Torres full guard.  They get back to their feet.  Guillard with a leg kick.  Torres attempts a flying knee.  Torres with a nice counter punch that snaps Guillard's head back.  Torres shoots and Guillard lands a big flying knee, but Torres completes the takedown.  Torres working within Guillard's full guard against the cage.  Torres with punches to the body then to the head.  Guillard back to his feet and Torres lands a nice punch.  Guillard answers with a punch of his own as the bell sounds to end the round.

SBN coverage of UFC 109: Relentless

Torres cornerman drops a bag of ice on the floor.

The second round starts and Torres shoots for a takedown.  Guillard holds on to the cage to avoid being slammed.  They are in the center of the cage and Guillard with a nice leg kick.  Guillard with a nice body kick that's partially blocked.  Guillard lands another knee as Torres shoots for a take down.  Torres is relentless with the take down attempt and Guillard shows excellent balance to avoid the take down.  Guillard with a nice leg kick and left punch.  Torres seems to be losing some steam.  Torres with a glancing left hand and Guillard swings wildly and misses.  Guillard lands a kick but Torres catches it and takes his back standing and Guillard tries to roll out.  Torres with a kimura attempt but then lets go.  Guillard is in Torres full guard with 25 seconds left.  Guillard with a jumping punch that lands as the bell sounds.

The third round starts and Guillard lands a nice right hand.  Torres shoots and Guillard sprawls nicely.  Guillard with another right hand and then a stiff left jab.  Torres with a left hook and Guillard answers.  Torres catches a kick and trips Guillard to the mat.  Torres in side control now.  Torres is attempting to mount, but Guillard defends.  Torres with elbows to the mid-section as the action slows.  Guillard explodes again and is able to get back to his feet.  Torres with a nice 1-2 combo that snaps Guillards head back.  Guillard with a nice right hand.  Torres with another takedown attempt and he's got Guillard on his back against the cage again, but isn't doing much damage.  Torres with shots to the body.  Torres pins Guillard against the cage and is landing some peppering punches.  Guillard up to his feet and Torres slams him hard to the mat but Guillard reverses and mounts Torres landing some ground and pound as the bell sounds.