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UFC 109 Prelims Result: Mac Danzig Outworks Justin Buchholz For Unanimous Decision Win

The fight begins and Buchholz tries a karate kid kick.  Danzig with a nice punch leg kick combo.  Buchholz with a nice leg kick of his own.  Buchholz with a nice short right hand.  Buchholz is pushing the pace it seems as Danzig shoots for a take down and his stuffed.  Buchholz with a lot of kicks and Danzig lands a nice right hand.  Danzig seems really calm so far.  Danzig with a left hook.  Danzig with a leg kick.  Buchholz charges forward with big right hands and Danzig catches him with a left hook.  Buchholz catches Danzig and stuns him.  Buchholz pounces but Danzig defends well.  Danzig seems to have gathered himself.  Buchholz is fighting at a very high pace and tees off on Danzig but Danzig blocks most of them.  Danzig with a nice right and and clinches with Buchholz.  Danzig with a nice knee and a leg kick as the bell sounds.

SBN coverage of UFC 109: Relentless

The second round starts and Danzig shoots in for a take down and Buchholz defends well.  Danzig with a stiff jab and a leg kick.  Danzig with a nice right hand and a body kick.  Danzig is the aggressor in this fight he lands a big double leg take down and lands in side control.  Danzig with knee on belly.  Danzig mounts Buchholz but Buchholz gets half guard again.  Buchholz is trying to lock in a kimura.  Danzig is defending well and Buchholz lets it go.  Danzig trying to set up an arm triangle.  Danzig goes to the mount and Buchholz gives up his back.  Buchholz reverses as Danzig attempts an arm bar.  Danzig with full guard.  Danzig with short elbows.  Danzing sweeps Buchholz and mounts him.  Danzig with GnP as the bell sounds.

Buchholz with another karate kick as the third round starts.  Danzig with a takedown against the cage.  Buchholz back to his feet and lands a nice strike.  Danzig with a nice punch and Buchholz answers.  Buchholz with a left hook and Danzig with a body shot.  Buchholz with a right hand.  Danzig clinches and attempts a throw but misses.  Danzig with full guard.  The action slows to a crawl.  The referee stands them up.  Danzig with a left hook.  Danzig stuns Buchholz with a series of punches.  Both fighters are gassed.  Danzig with a takedown into side control.  Danzig with knee on belly.  Danzig transitions to backmount.  Danzig with mount and is setting up an armbar.  He's got Buchholz's back now.  Danzig going for the choke and is landing punches as the bell sounds.