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UFC 110 News: Michael Bisping Getting Tips From Rampage Jackson About Wanderlei Silva

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From Fighters Only:

"He has already been showing me some good drills, some stuff I have already been working on but also some slightly more specific stuff to do that is already is helping. I am sure he has lots of good stuff to offer. Nobody knows Wanderlei like Rampage so I am looking forward to getting some golden nuggets in the next few weeks."

TUF 3 winner Michael Bisping seems to be brimming with confidence as his upcoming fight with MMA legend Wanderlei Silva gets closer. Both fighters are members of the Wolfslair Academy and I'm sure Rampage Jackson should be able to give Bisping some pointers, but the Wanderlei he fought is a bit different than the one today.  Rampage Jackson did knockout Wanderlei Silva just over a year ago in their third matchup, but that fight was over relatively quickly.  Wanderlei seems to be as confident as ever as well, so it should turn out to be a good one. 

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