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Herschel Walker Will Fight Again With April Being A Possibility

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From Sherdog:

"I’m going get back into the gym and say I’d love to have another fight, and I’m gonna work hard, but I’m leaving it my trainers and coaches’ hands and the fighters at the gym. If they think I’m not ready, they gotta tell me, and I will swallow my pride and not do it. I want to know that I’m still the Herschel of -- that 47-year-old that’s got a 25-year-old way of doing things. If I have lost that, then I don’t think I’ll fight again. My thing is go out and perform at the highest of levels. I’m not there to be a circus act. I want to be a pure fighter."

I wrote immediately after the Strikeforce "Miami" card that Strikeforce would get Walker to fight again.  While he added a little spark to the ratings, he didn't affect the ticket sales to the live event at all.  In fact, Strikeforce sold less than 5,000 tickets to the Strikeforce "Miami" event pulling in a gate of only $301,424.60.  Baseball outcast and circus act fighter Jose Canseco has issued a challenge to Walker, but thankfully Strikeforce has said they are not interested in the bout.  I still maintain the position that Strikeforce is wasting their time here in the big scheme of things.  Who do you think they'll find for Walker to fight next?