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Shawn Tompkins: "Coleman's The Tougher Of The Two"

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Shawn Tompkins has known both Randy Couture and Mark Coleman for years, and actually worked at Couture's gym before leaving to pursue other goals.  Now he'll be in the corner of Mark Coleman as he goes to war with Couture in the main event of UFC 109.  He thinks Coleman is the tougher of the two. Check  it:

"Coleman’s the tougher of the two," he said. "He’s got the chin. Everyone knows what kind of fighter [Mauricio] ‘Shogun’ [Rua] is, and you saw what [Coleman] did with a week’s worth of training [at UFC 93]. He got the s--t kicked out of him, but he didn’t quit."

I don't know about being 'tougher', but I did go back to that fight wit Rua the other day.  After thinking about how this fight will go, I do think this fight will be a lot closer than most people think.  I'll be posting something on this later.  The main X-factor in this fight will be cardio, and of course Couture has the edge there.  However, if Coleman can get this fight to the ground and steal some minutes or even seconds there, it could make the outcome interesting.

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