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UFC Lightweight Ronnys Torres Cuts Over 30 Pounds To Fight Melvin Guillard

From Graciemag:

"Fight time is the easiest. I’m going through the most difficult time right now, which is to lose weight. I’ve lost 11kg (24lbs) so far and have just seven more to go. It will be alright

That's Ronnys Torres(14-1) talking about making weight being the hardest part of fighting for him.  It's amazing that these fighters can cut that amount of weight and then perform the very next day.  Torres will be on the Spike TV televised portion of UFC 109 as he takes on Melvin Guillard in a lightweight matchup.  Will Guillard take his head off, or will he succumb to the submission ace(as he usually does)? 

Here's some video of him working out and benching 315 multiple times, not that the bench press is an accurate measurement of overall strength.  However, at the time I thought it was pretty impressive for a lightweight.  But, with him walking around at over 180lbs and being relatively short, I have to re-consider that thought. 

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