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UFC 109 Preview: Mike Swick Knows Paulo Thiago Is A Dangerous Fight


"This is the best ground guy I’ve ever faced in my entire MMA career and I like that, it’s a challenge," said Swick. "I love fighting opponents where I know I can get beat and I have to go out there and do what I need to do to win. It’s so much more exciting and challenging than fighting opponents I should beat everywhere. I know that Paulo Thiago is extremely dangerous on the ground, and if I play his game and make a mistake, he’s gonna choke me out, and I know that. So I gotta play my game, whether it’s on the ground or on the feet, and that creates a challenge that I like. It’s the reason why I do this. I’m not in it for the payday, I’m not in it for the easy fights; I’m in it to challenge myself and to take on the best competition, and this is exactly one of those fights. I have the tools to win, but I have to go out there and not make any mistakes and fight a perfect fight. If everything works out, you feel really good about it. You know you went out there and did something good."

UFC welterweight Mike Swick looks to get back on the winning track after suffering his first loss as a welterweight, dropping a unanimous decision to Dan Hardy at UFC 105. 

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