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WEC 47: Javier Vazquez Looks Up To Jens Pulver, But Won't Mind Retiring Him

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"I’ll tell you what, man, I hope I’m not the guy that retires him," Vazquez said, letting out a sigh. "But chances are I probably will be. I don’t want to be the one that closes the coffin, but I’m going to have to be. Better him than me at this point."

"If I’m able to beat him relatively easily then that’s wonderful, but that’s not what I’m preparing for and there is nothing anyone can tell me to change my mind. If it is (Jens’ swan song) I’ll shake his hand. I looked up to him for a very long time and I will thank him for the opportunity to fight him," said Vazquez, a married father to two daughters and a step daughter. "My main concern is to take care of my family and rejuvenate my career and if it’s at the expense of Jens Pulver, so be it. I have to win this fight. There’s no sugarcoating it. I definitely have to win."

It seems as though Vazquez understands what's at stake in this fight as it's basically a loser leave town match(or retire).  Both he and Pulver have fallen on hard times as of late, Vazquez the loser of two in a row and Pulver the loser of 4 in a row.  However, neither guy has been losing to slouches in the cage.  I hope both guys go out and let it all hang out, letting the chips fall where they may. 

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