The Only Opinion That Counts.....CORNBREAD'S!!!

Hello fight fans! Greetings from the bread. A lot to talk about...not much time though. We got a late checkout down here in Knoxville, TN, unfortunately we had a late celebration last night. So the late check out is being pushed to the max. Last night was a huge night for MMA in NC. Some huge wins and letdowns were in the works on a night that saw seven of Fight labs boys take to the cage to defend their region. Let's get started before they call the police to come get my ass out of this hotel room.

  1. Roger Carroll defeated Atlanta's golden boy, Clint Hester in the first round by arm bar. This moves Roger's record up to an impressive 8-3 and 4-1 in his last five fights. Hester who is a former professional boxer and has the reputation for knocking people the f*&%k out was never able to pull the trigger. The Gracie Barra brown belt took the fight to the mat and did away with another one of Atlanta's finest. Great job Roger and message to UFC.......TAKE NOTICE!!! THE LEPRECHAUN IS FOR REAL!!
  2. Jawbreakers promotions did their big event last night in Raleigh and "The Bread" sent two of Charlotte's finest down to take on that region's tough guys. Kurtis Cloward showed the state that as I have said before we have the best 155 amateur fighters in the state..."BAR NONE"!!! Kurtis took on previously unbeaten Jeff Loken...My understanding is that it went something like this....Kurtis walks out, Jeff walks out, bell rings, touch gloves, rear naked choke....GAME OVER!!!!... OUCH!!....Also on that card. Mont "Night Train" Mcmullens took on Jawbreakers golden boy, Keith Bell. Mont lost by tko in the 2nd round. This was Mont's debut as a pro after a successful run as a amateur that saw him lose only twice. Better luck next time Night Train. Hmmm.....Maybe now we can resolve who the best heavyweight in the state is and see Mr. Bell take on "The Future" Josh Lening! I will have to talk to my good buddy Al Simmons down at Jawbreakers and see if we cant make that happen.
  3. CFP put on another great show and I sent down two of my headhunters to that show also. Josh Lening showed why we think he is the top guy around at Hwt by dismantling previously unbeaten Clifton Bishop by KO in the 2nd round. Alan Greenway made his pro debut against also debuting Will Estes. What was reportedly a tough match ended prematurely due to a cut and forced Alan to walk out on the losing end in his pro debut. No sweat Alan, we will go to war again and hopefully we will get you a rematch.
  4. On the amateur circuit, Adam Dehart lost for the second week in a row by submission to Marshall Manning from TN. As usual "Ad Bad" did massive amounts of damage to his opponent before getting caught in a submission. "The Pain Train" Jeremy Holm continued his unbeaten streak with a unanimous decision defense of his ACF HWT TITLE and added the ISKA HWT title to his collection of belts. I think that is 7 wins, o losses and four belts. WOW!!!

Alright guys. I gotta run. Alice the maid is banging on the door. I think she wants to give me some "big and juicy" i allowed to say that? Oh well, who cares. That is it for now from 'The only opinion that counts". See you guys in a couple of days back here on the blog. PEACE!!

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