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Valentine's Day Massacre Live Results And Commentary, Keith Bell Wins Pro Debut Via TKO

New, 10 comments will be here to bring you LIVE results and commentary for the Jawbreakers Promotion Valentine's Day Massacre event in Raleigh, NC.  The event will be headlined by heavyweight Keith Bell as he makes his pro debut against Mont McMullens.  The doors open at 6:30pm ET.  So those of you that can't make it to the show, be sure to check out what's going down at the event right here. 

I'm sorry things didn't work out for the live blog.  As I posted in the comments section, the wireless reception there was horrible.  So I just wrote everything in microsoft word, and you can find out how each fight went below:

Anthony Capps vs. Bob Bradshaw-

Rd. 1-Capps comes forward and they clinch.  Bradshaw with a take down...Capps with full-guard.  Very little action thus far.  Bradshaw with some shots to the body.  Capps working a high guard now.  Very little action.   Capps locks up a triangle as the bell sounds to end the first round.

Rd. 2-Bradshaw lands a front kick and Capps comes forward  and they clinch...and the action slows then Capps locks up a choke and uses it to take Bradshaw down.  Capps transitions and takes Bradshaw's back and sinks in the  RNC and Bradshaw taps at 1:25 of rd 2.

Greg Weeks vs. Marc Murray-

Rd. 1-They exchange strikes and Weeks shoots for a single and gets the take down...landing in side control.  Murray gets full guard.  Weeks with some  GnP but that's about it.  Weeks is posturing  up now and passes to side control.  Murray gets half guard...and now full guard.  Weeks with some body shots as the bell sounds.

Rd. 2-Murray with some strikes as the round starts, but Weeks drops for a single and gets the takedown.  Weeks working from the top with some GnP. 

Rd. 3-They exchange strikes....Weeks with a right hand and drops for a double leg and gets it.  Weeks with body shots from the top position.  Murray with fullguard and the ref stands them up.  Weeks with another take down  The action slows, Weeks with top position landing some body shots.  Weeks takes the UD.

Jesus Ortega vs. Vincent Northington-

Rd. 1-They come out fast and furious.  Northington with some wild strikes with some of them landing.  Northington with a headlock and landing some knees.  Ortega defends...they separate and Ortega lands a huge right and..and a left.  He clips Northington with another right hand...they clinch and Northington with the front headlock again...he lands some knees.  Ortega scoops Northington for a big slam and lands in side control.  They work back to their feet and Northington takes Ortega down...and the bell sounds.

Rd. 2-They come out throwing bombs...Northington gets the best of the exchange.  Ortega drops for a double leg and gets it.  Ortega mounts Northington in the center of the ring.  He lands some GnP...a couple of heavy shots land.  Ortega with more GnP and he transitions into a's deep...Northington defends well and ends up in top position as the bell sounds.

Rd. 3-The last round starts...Northington with a jab and Ortega responds with a stiff one of his own.  Ortega with a nice right hand.  A huge exchange with both fighters landing heavy shots!!!! Northington is rocked...Ortega smiles at him.  Ortega with a HUGE left hook.  Northington with a leg kick.  Ortega with a 1-2 that makes Northington retreat.  Northington is gassed...Ortega with a huge left/right combo...Northington lands a right in the process as the bell sounds....Ortega wins the split decision...what was that one judge smoking?

Kurtis Cloward vs. Jeff Loken-

Rd. 1-The fight starts and they exchange jabs...and clinch against the ropes...Loken with a knee to the thigh.  Cloward throws Loken with a nice hip toss and lands in side control...he mounts Loken immediately.  Loken controlling Cloward's posture.  Cloward postures up and reigns down some GnP.  Loken trying to escape out the back door.  But Cloward  is having none of it.  Cloward is reigning down GnP.  Loken spins and gives up his back.  Cloward sinks in the RNC choke...Loken trying to hold on as the ten second count sounds..but he goes out with one second's over and Cloward wins via RNC at 2:59 of Rd. 1

Keith Bell vs. Mont McMullens-

Rd. 1-The fight begins and Bell checks a kick.  McMullens drops Bell with a huge punch.  McMullens is trying to finish...huge uppercut lands for McMullens ...Bell is hurt.  Bell is trying to regain his composure.  They exchange and Bell shoots for a double leg and gets it.  He lands in side control.  Bell mounts McMullens in the center of the ring.  Bell with hammerfists and McMullen reverses.  They stand up.  Bell with a nice body kick as Mcmullen throws a jab.  Bell lands a big right hand.  Bell is bleeding from his mouth.  Bell with a nice knee and right hand.  McMullens with a jab.  Bell with the thai plum and lands 3-4 knees to McMullen's stomach.  McMullens with a superman punch.  Bell with a low blow...McMullens takes time to recover.  The fight resumes...McMullens with a nice leg kick.  Bell catches the next kick and takes McMullens down...he's in half guard...McMullens has a big cut over his left eye...he's bleeding pretty bad.

Rd. 2-The round starts and McMullens misses a wicked head kick...Bell rocks McMullens with a punch. ..McMullens is hurt...Bell pounces....he's thowing a flurry of punches as McMullens collapses in the corner...Bell stands over him reigning punches until the ref comes over and stops the fight.  Bell via TKO at  :39  of Rd. 2

Boxing-Donnell Holmes defeated Brad Gregory via TKO in Rd. 2