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The Next Two WEC Events Could Shape Their Future

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That's what WEC general manager Reed Harris said in so many words in a teleconference yesterday.  Check it:

"The next two cards, we got our hands full,  Just like [the fighters] focus on their fights, we focus on our cards, and we're excited. These next two events are pivotal events for us, the WEC."

Of course Harris is referring to WEC 47 and WEC 48 which will feature 3 title fights between the two events.  The latter being the promotions first PPV headlined by it's biggest star in Urijah Faber.  He'll be trying to regain his title against Jose Aldo, who could be the future of the featherweight division.  WEC 48 will be held in Faber's hometown of Sacramento, California.  Harris indicated that tickets were already going fast, which is usually the case when Faber fights there, and thinks they could surpass the 15,000 mark.  Also of note, the UFC seems to be putting a little of their promotional muscle behind the WEC's first PPV foray.  Check out the poster:



The UFC presents WEC 48: Aldo vs. Faber, not to mention they featured some promotion for these two events during the UFC 110 PPV broadcast as well.  If they are putting the UFC brand name behind it, you know it's pretty important for them to do well.  The only problem is that the Versus/DirecTV problem hasn't been resolved and may not be resolved before either of these events take place.

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