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Report: Fedor Emelianenko Will Fight Werdum In May

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From MMAFighting:

At a pre-fight press conference Thursday for Friday's M-1 Selection Eastern European event in St. Petersburg, Russia, M-1 Global told TV 100 that Fedor's next fight will still be against Fabricio Werdum, but in May.

So as of now the April Strikeforce card will feature a main event between Dan Henderson vs. Jake Shields for the Strikeforce middleweight title.  However, it's still not clear if that event will be featured on CBS as once thought, or if it will air on Showtime instead.  One would think that Strikeforce would want Fedor Emelianenko to headline the CBS event, because even though Dan Henderson is well known he's still not that big of a draw.  Not to mention it'll be almost a year since he defeated Michael Bisping at UFC 100, plus a lot of fans were turned off by Shield's performance on the last CBS event.  Also don't forget that Strikeforce doesn't have any fight footage to use in promoting Dan Henderson(not that they promote well anyways), due to the UFC owning all of his UFC and PRIDE footage.  I guess this also means we will not be seeing a Fedor Emelianenko vs. Alistair Overeem fight anytime soon, not that I expected anything different.