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CFP "War On The Shore" Preview!

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The folks at Carolina Fight Promotions always put on a well run event. And this "War On The Shore" fight card this Saturday night in Wilmington, NC at the Schwartz Center will be no exception. They've brought in a good mix of young talent for this event. Any fight fans anywhere remotely near Wilmington: do youself a favor and check this card out. For the price of dinner and a movie you'll get to see a solid night of MMA fights live. Those of you who haven't seen MMA live yet especially need to go check out the sport live and in person. There are also a few interesting storylines with this card. I'll be on hand for this one and will do a review next week. Let's take a look at what fight fans can expect on Saturday night:

  • 1. The pro debuts of North Carolina Will Estes and Allen Greenway is an outstanding way to close the show. After amateur careers where they showed some real promise, both of these welterweights will join the paid ranks. And knowing their styles, it should be an exciting fight for the fans.
  • 2. Undefeated heavyweight Clifton Bishop is originally from Utah but is now based out of and living in North Carolina. He wrestled collegiately and should prove to be an interesting addition to the region's heavyweight mix. He's going against possibly the state's most underrated heavyweight in Josh Lening. This one should also be a crowd pleaser.
  • 3. Amateur middleweight Derek Brunson is returning to the cage. I've heard good things about Derek's talent and about how quickly he is learning this game. It shouldn't really be a surprise. Derek didn't wrestle until his senior year of high school and finished 3rd in the state. Then he got a scholarship to wrestle at UNC-Pembroke and became a 3 time All-American. He has a big test in front of him in the form of Shawn Tavares (2-0). This is a great opportunity for MMA fans in eastern NC to catch two very talented young amateurs matched up in what should be a great fight.

Without further ado, the WAR ON THE SHORE fight card:

Pro fight- 170 lbs.- Will Estes (0-0) vs. Allen Greenway (0-0)

Pro fight- HWT- Clifton Bishop (3-0) vs. Joshua Lening (0-2)

Pro fight- 185 lbs.- John Bryant (0-2) vs. Phillip Estes (1-4)

Am. fight- 185 lbs.- Jeff Ford (1-0) vs. Nick Hurley (1-0)

Am. fight- 185 lbs.- Derek Brunson (1-0) vs. Shawn Tavares (2-0)

Am. fight- HWT- James Crumpler (2-1) vs. Drew Stewart (2-1)

Am. fight- 145 lbs.- Kyle Whittington (0-0) vs. Clint DeVoe (0-0)

Am. fight- 145 lbs.- Solomon Harvey (0-0) vs. Steve Thigpen (0-0)

Am. fight- 185 lbs.- Michael Marshall (0-0) vs. Donald Dare (0-0)

Am. fight- 155 lbs.- Steve Chinners (1-1) vs. James Jones (0-1)

Am. fight- 155 lbs.- Chris Cain (5-2) vs. James Ronsick (3-7)

Am. fight- 170 lbs.- Victor Gomez (0-0) vs. Thomas Jones (0-0)

Am. fight- 135 lbs.- Bouathong Keolatvahn (0-0) vs. Jamal Harris (0-2)