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Rampage Jackson: "Dana[White] Lied To Me"

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Rampage Jackson tells us something that we already know in regards to how he feels about MMA.  It's no secret that he hates training, but now it seems that he could be done fighting after this UFC contract is completed.  He speaks on that, and accuses Dana White of lying to him about fighting Lyoto Machida.  Check it:

"They've said some things and done some things I don't agree with -- that's not the way I do business," Jackson said. "I'm a loyal person so I take care of people who take care of me, but people who don't take care of me, I don't take care of them. So I'm done with the UFC. They can't ask me for anymore favors. Nothing. I just want to finish my contract and get out of there, do my own thing. Dana lied to me. He told me I didn't have to fight Rashad, I could fight Machida. I did the show and then after that he told me I had to fight Rashad."

So does 'do my own thing' mean make more movies, or possibly fight for Strikeforce or possibly go back to Japan and fight, or is this Rampage Jackson talking some absolute non-sense again?  I think I remember Dana White talking about Rampage Jackson after UFC 110.  It wasn't like he was saying they were buddy buddy again, but he did say that the "A-Team" movie Rampage will be co-starring in is a 'real movie'.  Which is a big step above some of the straight to DVD jawns he has done in the past.  Then again, this could be some 'old stuff' that's just now coming out.  What say you?

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