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NFL Wide Receiver Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson Says He Would KO TUF Alum Brendan Schaub On Twitter

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The NFL wide receiver is at it again, this time he challenges TUF finalist(and heavyweight) Brendan Schaub via his twitter account.  Check it:

-@BrendanSchaub this is not a joke son, i will ring your neck, we can fight before the season starts, i hope you got health insurance!!!

Of course Brendan Schaub responds:

- hope your refering to a video game lol your not serious RT @OGOchoCinco @BrendanSchaub i will whoop your ass!!!!!

-@OGOchoCinco lol I like the confidence. .but if we did it before the season don't worry about playing this year..u would get hurt homie

-@OGOchoCinco well after my fight in March..lets see what's up..u realize I'm a heavyweight. .maybe your confused..u want Gina corano

Of course this fight will NEVER happen, but it's funny just how much attention that Johnson craves on twitter.  He talks about EVERYTHING, well everything except football.  At least a high profile athlete knows who Brendan Schaub is though, I guess that's a positive since Schaub is relatively new to the scene.