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Stephan Bonnar Will Appeal UFC 110 Loss Against Krzysztof Soszynski

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It's only fair to get this overturned to a no contest or draw," Bonnar said. "In the rules, if after two rounds a fighter suffers a cut from an illegal blow, they go to the scorecard. The judges had it one round a piece, which would have made it a draw."

"Right after (it) happened, I pointed to my head and told him, 'Head butt,'" Bonnar said. "Why he didn't look up at the replay, which they showed about 30 times, I have no idea." 

"Krzysztof acknowledged the cut was from a head butt and would like to finish the fight as well," Bonnar said. "He was a good sport and a class act. We gave each other credit for a great fight. He knew the clash of heads opened the cut, and like myself would like a rematch. It just shows what kind of sportsman he is. He earned my respect as well."

I think it was fairly obvious that the cut came about because of the headbutt.  I also think it was fairly obvious that Kevin Burns poked Anthony Johnson in the eye and that bout was not overturned.  However, this is another country with a different commission, so we'll see what happens.  It was a pretty good fight until the stoppage came in the third.  Give me your thoughts on a potential re-match between the two.  If things stay as is, Bonnar will have suffered his third defeat in a row inside the octagon.