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Where Art Thou Strikeforce?

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Did you know that there was a Strikeforce event this weekend on Friday, February 26th on Showtime?  Well, there is but there is absolutely no promotion for this event.  You'll remember some of the things I pointed out last week in regards to what Strikeforce needed to improve upon if they wanted to succeed.  The last thing I said:

The promotion of their events in general need improvement.

The UFC has been dominating the news cycle since Strikeforce held their last show in Miami on January 30th.  It's like since that show we haven't even heard from them.  In fact, Bellator FC is doing a MUCH better job of keeping their name in the midst by releasing press releases about fighters signing with their promotion as well as future events.  What in the world is Strikeforce doing?  There are all types of rumors floating around that you've probably read about.  I can't confirm any of them so I won't contribute to that, but Strikeforce isn't really coming out guns blazing trying to prove that they are just rumors either.  The WEC isn't holding their event for another 3 weeks or so, and they are steady releasing bits and pieces of news to keep their name out there.  Strikeforce, if you are going to be the #2 MMA promotion in the world, you really need to step your game up.