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MMA4Real March Lightweight MMA Rankings

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Fighter Last Ranking
1. BJ Penn 1
2. Eddie Alvarez 2
3. Tatsuya Kawajiri 3
4. Shinya Aoki 4
5. Kenny Florian 6
6. Gray Maynard 5
7. Frankie Edgar 8
8. Sean Sherk 7
9. Tyson Griffin 10
10. Gilbert Melendez NR

No changes really except Gilbert Melendez taking Diego Sanchez's place at the 10 spot.  Diego will be moving back to the welterweight division.  BJ Penn will take on Frankie Edgar at UFC 112.  Eddie Alvarez will fight Josh Neer next.  Kenny Florian will take on Takanori Gomi next month here in North Carolina.  Tyson Griffin will take on Evan Dunham in his next fight.  We could see some shake ups in the division next month!