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MMA4Real March Welterweight MMA Rankings

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Fighter Last Ranking
1. George St. Pierre 1
2. Jon Fitch 2
3. Thiago Alves 3
4. Josh Koscheck 4
5. Paulo Thiago NR
6. Nick Diaz NR
7. Paul Daley 7
8. Dan Hardy 8
9. Martin Kampmann 9
10.Matt Hughes 5

No change in the top 4, but Paulo Thiago finally finds his way into my top ten.  The guy is 3-1 and has fought some of the toughest competition for a newcomer that I can remember.  Also, Nick Diaz makes an appearance with his impressive performance over Marius Zaromskis.  I still think Diaz would struggle with the good wrestlers in this division.  Also, for those critical of Thiago being behind Koscheck...I still say Koscheck takes the re-match.