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MMA4Real March Light Heavyweight MMA Rankings

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Fighter Last Ranking
1. Shogun Rua 1
2. Lyoto Machida 2
3. Rashad Evans 3
4. Forrest Griffin 4
5. Gegard Mousasi 5
6. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira 6
7. Thiago Silva 7
8. Rampage Jackson 8
9. Luiz Cane 9
10. Rich Franklin 10

No changes since the last go round, and for all the new readers.  The only reason why Rampage is #8 is due to inactivity, but he'll be taking on Rashad Evans later this year to try and reclaim his top 3 spot.  Also, Rua is ahead of Machida because  I felt he defeated Machida(regardless of what the judges said).