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MMA4Real March Heavyweight MMA Rankings

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Fighter Last Ranking
1. Fedor Emelianenko 1
2. Brock Lesnar 2
3. Frank Mir 3
4. Cain Velasquez 8
5. Shane Carwin 5
6. Junior dos Santos 6
7. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira 4
8. Brett Rogers 7
9. Alistair Overeem 9
10. Andrei Arlovski 10

Fedor is still king, but the heavyweight division has been pretty slow with fights lately.  The only movement since the last rankings is Cain Velaseuez jumping to #4 with his destruction of Nogueira at UFC 110.  Frank Mir and Shane Carwin will face off at UFC 111, and Brock Lesnar will return in a couple of months.  Plus dos Santos will take on Gabriel Gonzaga next month.  We should see some more movement at that time.