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Josh Barnett Continues To Shoot Himself In The Foot, Misses CSAC Appeal Again

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Remember Josh Barnett popping off at the mouth about MMA promotions needing to step up and make him an offer so that he could fight in 2010?  Yea, well it seems he's too busy doing the pro wrestling thing in Japan to make an appearance at his appeal for steroids suspension.  MMAJunkie with the news:

Josh Barnett's appeal to the California State Athletic Commission has been delayed for the fourth time and won't be heard until the commission's next meeting on April 20.

The commission delayed the appeal when Barnett, 32, failed to appear at an official commission meeting today in Los Angeles. Barnett's lawyer, Michael DiMaggio, spoke on behalf of Barnett and was denied a request to continue without the fighter.

Shannon Hooper, Barnett's manager, told ( on Monday that Barnett was in Japan on Sunday for a pro wrestling match and will return to the U.S. later today.

"If the CSAC was requiring his presence, he wasn't aware of it," Hooper said.

But George Dodd, the CSAC's new executive director, said Barnett was notified via letter that he was required to be at the appeal.

That a boy Josh, keep providing those MMA promotions with reasons to NOT sign you to the contract that you want or expect.